Burglar Alarm & Security System

Chin Shing provides all-round burglar alarm and security system solutions include supply, installation, relocation, repair and maintenance service of 360〫Full HD CCTV, IP network cameras, alarm system, combination locks, electric locks, fingerprint recognition system, and attendance system, etc.

Our solutions are widely adopted by office, retail store, bank or even school!

Importance notice while installing CCTV

How high is the resolution needed? How is the video stored? Which format to output? What about the file resize process? How many frames would be played per second? Is there any law and regulations?

We understand that you may come up with tones of questions while considering to install a CCTV. All that will make a difference on choosing the suitable product and the price may vary a lot. We have over 10 years’ experience in the industry and our consultants are happy to visit you to access your needs, and recommend the best solution! Just give us a call to enjoy a professional, yet reliable service.

Supplier of recognized security systems that you can trust

Chin Shing offers a variety of quality and performance options to fit your requirement and make sure you find the best deal. The world-leading brands include D-Link, TeleEye, Panasonic, Samsung, HikVision, Dahua, etc.

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